Wednesday, November 15, 2006

FireSafe Council Receives First Check

Many from The Meadows attended the FireSafe meeting October 24 at Loma Alta Park. We had a great turnout. Our FireSafe Council Representatives Margaret Bridwell, Greg Stanton, Robert Ryan and Jean Crawford introduced California FireSafe Representative, Cathy Brooke; U.S. Forestry Division, Scott Lowdon; and Los Angeles County Fire Field Commander, J. Lopez.

Our first check was awarded by Ms. Brooke. The importance of this event is huge and a result of the grant writing talents of Bridwell and Stanton. The funds from this award will be used to help in the area of fire prevention in The Meadows.

Also present was Ms. Janice Woody who is providing the use of her non-profit organization to park the funds while we create our own Meadows 5013C organization.

Watch for more FireSafe news as we begin to implement the project.

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