Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Trash Talk

A few Meadows residents have voiced their frustration regarding non-paying residents sneaking their trash into others’ trash cans on trash days. Even after repeated requests to stop, the practice continued. The residents are upset that they are paying for a service that a neighbor is abusing. The waste disposal companies have stated that if they detect a non-paying resident is using others’ trash services, they will stop picking up the trash at that location.

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Joe Shearer said...

I've noticed someone in a black SUV is routinely raiding the curbside recycle containers on Monday mornings. I'm sure I don't like the idea of someone cruising the neighborhood before the sun's up...they've see me a couple of times and acted suspiciously (trying to hide themselves and their vehicle in driveways)....and I think taking that stuff may be illegal....

Joe Shearer