Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Neighborhoos Watch July

This past month, there have been several disturbing incidents in the neighborhood:

Two suspects attempted to break into a home on El Prieto in mid-day while the owner was at home. The suspects rang the doorbell a few times and when it wasn’t answered, one began climbing through the kitchen window. Thankfully, the owner scared them off and they ran on foot up El Prieto Road. They were not apprehended as had been earlier thought.

There was possibly another similar incident on Canyon Crest, although it hasn’t been confirmed.

Another neighbor reported that food had been stolen out of a spare refrigerator in her garage.

And yet another neighbor reported that she had a couple of instances of young adults ringing her door as if to solicit something. It was found that a few churches (and they may be from out of state) have been dropping off young adults in the neighborhood to sell magazine subscriptions.

Please don’t wait to report unusual activities and crimes to the sheriff. They need to be fully informed of activities in our neighborhood. In addition, we want strangers to the area to know that we watch out for our neighbors and our welfare.

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Anonymous said...

does anyone know what happened at the liquor store on lincoln and altadena drive yesterday afternoon? the whole parking lot was taped off and surrounded by sherriffs.